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About Felix



Felix ‘Chief’ is a dynamic teacher and trainer and is a sought after preacher, mentor and life coach. His protégés know him as the consummate kingmaker as he has the gift of helping people find their inner genius while equipping them with the tools to bring that good stuff out so it can benefit them individually, and humanity at large. Felix works with, and helps train entrepreneurial authors, speakers, trainers, online content generators and thought leaders.  Felix is a mentor to ministers, business movers and shakers, authors and speakers across generational and cultural lines. He is known for his sharp wisdom and powerful communication style.  He takes great delight seeing his clients and protégés not just succeed but live generous lives of contribution.

A dedicated life-hacker Felix teaches life-principles that enhance spiritual growth, fast track personal development, and help people remove internal obstacles to success. Through Blackstone Mastery, the training company he co-founded and serves as Executive Vice President, Felix provides via his writing, live presentations and online products and services and also individual life coaching, the motivation and inspiration that serves as the fuel for his clients’ dreams. This is merged together with practical steps that serve as the road map to help them navigate the road less traveled.

Born in poverty in a nation at war Felix experienced war for the first 7 years of his life; a war that resulted in the birth of a new nation but also in the most brutal of ways claimed the lives of 2 of his grandparents, his favorite uncle and a cousin who was just a baby at the time. Because of these events that marked his formative years Felix has a passion for life and a determination to use every day he is given as an opportunity to become better and to help others do the same.

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