5 Relationships You Absolutely Need to Thrive

What does it take to “Thrive” in today’s world?  That’s what we’ll discuss in this post today.  For business owners, entrepreneurs, and world-changers, the game has evolved a whole lot over the past 10 or so years. No longer can...
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Overwhelmed? Take a Power Pause

If you find yourself taking part in much activity in your place of work but seeing minimal results, you would benefit from what I like to call the “Power Pause”. When you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed  it’s okay to take...
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4 Places Where the Thought Does Not Count

The term ‘It’s the thought that counts’ is a term we use when our delivery is less than it should be, but the underlying motive and sentiment is noble. Picture this…you bake a cake…not just any cake, I’m talking about...
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I Love Mondays

Many people these days dread Monday morning because they see it as having to restart the work week and return to the mindless grind.  I’d like to challenge that mindset and boldly state “I Love Mondays!” Monday stands for the...
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  • Master Your Morning

How to Master Your Morning

Why should you master your morning? As important as a foundation is for any construction worth its salt, so is the first hour of the day for anybody that wants to have an efficient and productive day. How one begins...
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Blackstone Mastery Podcast – Episode 6 – “Own It”

In episode 6 of the Blackstone Mastery Podcast, we will be continuing with the acronym B-A-C-K-B-O-N-E in our series “How to Grow a Spine in 30 days”.  This episode covers the “O” in BACKBONE with signifies the principle “Own It”....
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The 7 Attitudes that Create Irresistible Leadership

There are 7 leadership attitudes which an effective leader must have in correct alignment in order for him or her to harness inspire the people to follow. Comments comments...
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How to Break Through a Plateau

First of all, we all reach plateaus as we are launched in the direction of our dreams. Relationships, business, career, health, etc.  When you encounter a plateau in your area of specialty or passion you are likely to experience the...
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The Entrepreneur’s Creed

The Entrepreneur’s Creed: “I choose not to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon… if I can, I seek opportunity, not security. Comments comments...
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