First of all, we all reach plateaus as we are launched in the direction of our dreams. Relationships, business, career, health, etc.  When you encounter a plateau in your area of specialty or passion you are likely to experience the following symptoms:

  • Loss of drive.
  • Feeling of spinning wheels
  • Limited change or results
  • Boredom
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Old tactics no longer yield same results.
  • Somewhat comfortable because it is so predictable, but bland because it lacks distinction.

Regardless, a plateau is one form of opposition you are likely to experience as you shift into the next level of your calling.  To attain your destiny you must breakthrough your plateau.

Why must you break beyond it?

Because in reality life is as if you are climbing up on an escalator that is going down… so when you stop, you are in reality going back.  If you stay on a plateau too long you’ll find that you have gone back quite substantially and it may take a while just to get back to the place where the plateau began.  Remaining in this state is extremely costly. As it is really the land of diminishing returns.

How to Break Through a Plateau:

Expose yourself to new ways of thinking.  Network outside of your present circle.  What you need is for your ideas to cross-pollinate with people that think at a different level than you.

Albert Einstein did not come up with his law of relativity by studying physics alone. He and 3 of his colleagues from different disciplines who dubbed themselves the Olympia Academy used to meet and over port and cigars would discuss a range of topics from philosophy, mathematics, history and physics and it was in the crucible of this rich mixture of tradition that a concept one day distilled, not as a step by step discovery but as a complete equation E= MC2.


Connect and network with people outside your general area of strength. They may not teach your anything per se but they may provoke a train of thought that will change everything.

Albert Einstein said,

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created that problem.”

Don’t be afraid to make a shift, innovate. Have innovation be an integral part of your organization, so be  constantly creating an awareness of what the market is doing and what opportunities exist to best serve your market in the perceived upcoming changes.

Be a student of trends and trending because hidden in the constant flux of society’s whims and interests is great opportunity. Amongst other things keeping a sharp awareness on present trends, because these are constantly changing, will help to keep a hop and a skip in your psyche. Most people that die on a plateau do so because they have convinced themselves that they already know all there is to know in a particular field.

The future belongs to the learner while the learned will find themselves glorious prepared for a world that no longer exists.

One last way to break through a plateau is to mentor someone else.  For some reason the minute you share your body of knowledge to another, you open a portal that gives you access to more knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom are not so much a reservoir as they are a flowing river. The more you allow the river to flow out of you to nourish others, the more the spring from whence the river comes gives more and more to you. It’s a mystery but it is true.