Many people these days dread Monday morning because they see it as having to restart the work week and return to the mindless grind.  I’d like to challenge that mindset and boldly state “I Love Mondays!”

Monday stands for the dawn of a new week.    We have been blessed enough to begin a new week, another chance to pursue our goals, dreams, experience our family, loved ones, and the things that matter to us.

Monday is a great day, it’s just a matter of your perspective towards it.  Just because other people cry out, “I hate Monday!” that doesn’t mean it has to be your reality.  That mindset does not help you in any way, in fact, it actually hinders your productivity and your ability to give back to the world around you.

This week is pregnant with opportunity, but you have to begin to pursue it.  Just as my mentor Les Brown always says,

Blessings and Prosperity to you all.