If you find yourself taking part in much activity in your place of work but seeing minimal results, you would benefit from what I like to call the “Power Pause”.

When you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed  it’s okay to take a moment to pause and reset.  In fact, it’s helpful to periodically step back from your situation to re-assess your goals and the “why” behind what you are currently striving towards.

This causes you to re-energize yourself again, come back and streamline your action to that which is meaningful and essential to a powerful outcome.

A lot of us find ourselves overwhelmed and as a result we end up doing more of what we’re currently doing at a more aggressive rate—we end up going harder rather than smarter.

If your actions are not currently producing the outcome you desire, doing it harder is not going to make it more effective or your goals more achievable.  It may just make a bad situation worse.

So, pause… chill…

Being the most connected generation is a gift and a curse.  It gives us great opportunity, but also makes us very vulnerable to distraction by others.  People are competing for your time and attention and will do anything they can to get it, even if it means interrupting your most valuable relationships or your own health.  

What is of vital importance is that we learn how to manage all of this incoming—and learning to press pause is the first step in achieving this skill.

Don’t be nervous about taking a power pause.  

The temptation that comes to most entrepreneurs is the temptation to always do more before finishing what we started.  It is way more profitable pause, re-assess our actions and go back

To recap, if you’re feeling overwhelmed take these 4 steps:

  1. Press pause
  2. Back away
  3. Reset
  4. Go back again…

Let’s get some stuff done shall we?  

Where do you feel you’re getting stuck?  Leave your story in the comment section below!